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Heavy Thoughts

She didn’t say much, but she always knew what to say. She was the kind of person who thought more than she spoke. She had so many things to say, but no one would listen, so she decided to keep quiet instead. She found a new way to speak, a way to say what she was thinking without having to open her mouth. She wrote it down. She observed all the pain and wrote it down somewhere where no one would see it. She saw straight through the false exterior, the facade.


All her life she tried to be the best version of herself and always saw the good in people,  but now she sees the bad, or maybe the truth. The people she thought were her friends turned out to be the serpent beneath the flowers. They were slowly poisoning her from the inside out. If looks could kill… Their faces, their judgemental eyes pierced through her like daggers. She could feel the chills run up and down her spine with each cold glare.


She tried to block out the noise, but there was a constant buzz. It was the whispering, the hushed words spoken about her. With each lie, a part of her soul and sanity died, along with the truth. All the lies spread produced a heavy fog which drifted in the air, it was a blanket of pollution, created by them. They were poisoning the air with their poisonous tongues which hisses words of hate. The smell of fear lingered in the air too, her fear. She was too afraid to speak, for every time she did a, seemingly harmless, “friend” would twist her poetry into a rope, and with that rope, they would hang her in front of everyone. She would be exposed and alone. As she wept, they all laughed.


Society is filled with judgemental hypocrites and sad people with happy faces. There was one person who could see through that and they killed her. They took a beautiful person and turned her into another used object, purely used as a form of entertainment. She had all these profound and interesting things to say, but now she has swallowed them. She could taste the words tingling her tongue and lingering on her lips., just waiting to come out, but she has taped her mouth. The temptation will no longer exist.


Society took a gifted young girl and silenced her. They took away her voice. We blame society, but we are society. If you ask her what’s wrong you won’t get an honest reply, you’ll simply get an “I’m fine.” She wanted the world to know what they’d done to her, how they broke her. She is broken. She is… me.

If you find the courage to speak, what would you say to the world?


© 2020 by Stacey-Leigh Laycock. All Rights Reserved


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The Animal

With swift and graceful movements he runs with the rhythm of the Earth. He moves so quickly that it appears as though he is hovering above the surface. Like a ghost he is there, but he is also not there. He remains unseen and unheard. He awaits the call of someone with a spirit similar to his own. He longs for a soul who can fill the hole in his dying heart. He has spent a lifetime waiting for the one who could save him. Until then, he roams this Earth, causing havoc and destruction wherever he goes. No one has yet to tame the beast inside him. No one has yet to free the animal from the wretched cage in which he is trapped. The cage of life.

© 2016 by Stacey-Leigh Laycock. All Rights Reserved.

Daily Prompt: Sidewalk

via Daily Prompt: Sidewalk

For a split second you were the love of my life. You were everything I wanted and everything I needed. You were my escape from all the bad in the world. Now you are the bad in the world. You took my heart and ripped it out of my chest and gave it to someone else. Someone better…

I should’ve known better than to trust you, I should’ve known from the start that your surreptitious agenda was built upon malevolent intentions that would, in the end, destroy me.

I was alone and I was content with my life. Until today… While walking the streets I noticed a familiar face in the cohesion of people swarming towards me like bees to honey. It was you.

I tried my utmost best to avoid looking at you, but like a moth to the flame, my eyes took me straight back to you. Your face. The face I woke up to every day for two years. The face I never thought I’d see again, but there you were walking towards me.

I would’ve said something but I knew that would’ve made everything worse. So I watched as you walked by me and once again you walked in and out of my life and once again you put a whole in my chest with just one glimpse of your face.

You went from being my everything to being just another stranger on the sidewalk.

© 2016 by Stacey-Leigh Laycock. All Rights Reserved.

Daily Prompt: Twinkle

via Daily Prompt: Twinkle

I don’t exactly know how I fell for him. Maybe it was the way he held me close in his arms. Maybe the way he would say my name. Maybe the way his lips curled to form that mesmerising smile. Maybe it was the giggle that took me back to my childhood. Or maybe, just maybe, it was that twinkle in his eyes. His eyes were as blue as the sky and as blue as the ocean… What I mean by that is that they weren’t blue at all. They only looked blue to conceal what he was inside. His eyes were blue, his soul black, and his heart as cold as ice.

© 2016 by Stacey-Leigh Laycock. All Rights Reserved.


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